Macon , GA

QA Rep

Macon, GA Full-time
Posted on September 6, 2018
Position's objective Responsible for ensuring ready mix products are in compliance with all specifications required by the customer. Assists with the implementation of best practices and techniques, in regards to quality and mix design optimization. The position assists all levels of the operation in establishing and achieving quality objectives while working closely with operations, Sales and management. Responsibilities/Activities - Effective use of Quadrel and Command Concrete Systems. - Reports/works with Quality Manager on mix adjustments based on a variety of factors. - Recommends mixes to Quality Manager or Technical Service Manager to optimize performance based on established guidelines. - Recommends alternative solutions to project specifications focusing on performance designs. - Assists the Quality Manager to provide up to date cost analysis to the sales department. - Attend pre-pour meetings with sales team to provide technical input on upcoming projects. - Provides technical product expertise to sales, dispatch and operations. - Implements and tracks Quality incidents and Cost of Quality Reporting. - Performs and documents quality control test in accordance with established local (City and State) or national standards (ACI, ASTM) - Must be able to conduct quality control tests without direct supervision and within the precision standards established by ASTM, ACI, and AASHTO. - Ensure quality materials through the active testing of raw materials, work in process and finished goods. - Assist in environmental stewardship, ensuring the environment is protected, within our operations. - Assist in the implementation and compliance of Safety Program to ensure personnel are working in a safe manner in accordance with policies and procedures. - Maintain Communication with appropriate Plant on measurement of all Quality test results and recommend changes. - Upon Ready Mix Truck arrival, monitors testing lab and verifies inaccurate / failing results at the jobsite for slump, air and making of concrete cylinders. - Maintain a log book of all testing conducted at the plant and on site. Audits delivery tickets for proper notes, such as water added, customer signature, and reported variables on job site driver may have noted. - Sample Raw materials for validation, test and report any failing results to the Quality Manager. - Assist in the development of new mix designs for lab trials as per guidance by the Quality Manager, TSM or Director, Quality Assurance. - Provides customer support in resolving quality concerns and problems in the field working with the Quality Manager, TSM, Director, Quality Assurance and sales. - Educates customers in proper construction techniques and application. - Job coordinator for on-site quality control work as needed. - Assist salesmen, superintendents and managers as required. - Customer service with regards to testing and product information. - Must interpret test results and recommend changes if needed. - Completion of testing in a timely manner. - Responsible for own ongoing maintenance, calibration and calibration documentation of testing equipment. - Assist in keeping internal Concrete Test Results filed and logged in computer spreadsheets for immediate and up to date analysis