Chappell Mill Trees, LLC

Griffin , GA

Nursery Workers #GA2023201178

Chappell Mill Trees, LLC
Griffin, GA Part time
Posted on February 25, 2018

Chappell Mill Trees, LLC, Milner, GA now hiring 4 temporary Nursery Workers to work in Lamar County, GA. Hourly wage of $10.95. Perform manual labor to plant, cultivate, dig and load shrubs and trees by hand, and using hand tools and mechanical equipment. Perform prolonged walking and standing with weight on back, bending, stooping, lifting, kneeling, reaching, pushing, pulling, stretching, and lifting and carrying 60 pounds with hands, arms, or on back. Work requires physical stamina and using up to 12 ft. ladders and man lifts. Work is outdoors in extremely hot, cold, and/or wet weather.

Three months of nursery work experience required. Three quarters of an average of 42.5 hours/week guaranteed. Employer may pay an end of season bonus to workers that complete the employment period based upon company profitability, attendance, and adherence to work rules and supervisor's instructions. Tools, supplies and equipment provided at no cost. Housing provided at no cost if outside commuting area. If applicable, transportation and subsistence expense to the job will be paid upon completion of 50% of the employment period, or earlier.