Americus , GA

Orchard Workers #GA2587195576

Americus, GA Full-time
Posted on September 22, 2018

Agriculture Pearson Farm, Fort Valley, GA now hiring 24 temporary Orchard Workers to work in Crawford, Peach, Houston, Dooly and Macon Counties, GA from October 18,2018 to August 18, 2019. Hourly wage of $10.95 or incentive piece rates ranging from $0.15 per tree to prune or thin peach trees to $0.45 per 5/8 bushel to hand harvest peaches. Production standards apply.

Perform manual labor to maintain pecan and peach orchards including pruning and thinning trees, and harvest pecans and/or peaches by hand or harvesting equipment. Farm vehicle and equipment operation and maintenance. Work outside in inclement weather, especially extreme heat or cold for extensive periods of time; perform prolonged bending, standing, and walking; use of repetitive hand movements while pruning, thinning, picking peaches, spreading fertilizer or grading crops; use a stool or 2 ft. ladder to reach tree limbs; reach overhead for extended periods of time while pruning trees; lift, carry and load up to 50 lbs.; hoist up to 30 lbs. overhead and support 35 lbs. over the shoulder while walking for prolonged periods of time.

Drug testing is conducted post hire at the employer's expense and is not part of the interview process. Negative results are required before starting work. Two months of verifiable fruit orchard experience required. Three quarters of an average of 45 hours/week guaranteed. May pay an end of season bonus upon completion of the contract based on production standards, total number of seasons worked continuously, prior experience and other factors including, but not limited to crop condition and profitability. Tools, supplies and equipment provided at no cost. Housing provided at no cost if outside commuting area. If applicable, transportation and subsistence expense to the job will be paid upon completion of 50% of the employment period, or earlier.