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Physician (Neurologist)

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Posted on October 8, 2017

Physician (Neurologist). Worksite - Coliseum Medical Group. 


Physician (Neurologist) Job Duties:


Physicians have to diagnose the patient's ailment and immediately start treatment on them

They have to explain to the patient and their family about their ailment and educate them about the line of treatment they are starting

They have to order diagnostic test on the patient if they feel it is required

They can even ask the patient to see a specialist in case the patient is suffering from something that only an expert can treat

Though, they are experts on treating on all kinds of illnesses, there are physicians who specialize in treating certain illnesses; some are good at treating heart patients while others can be experts on treating kidney related ailments

The physicians working in hospitals have to write down treatment orders for each patient and ensure that the nurses follow those orders

They have to be available in case of emergency

They have to be updated on all the latest medical breakthroughs because it could possibly be useful for their patients

They have to respect and maintain the doctor and confidentiality agreement

They also have to strictly follow the Hippocratic oath