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Medical Assistant

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Posted on May 13, 2018

Empowering Women's Health Center

Recording A patient's medical history: Before the lead doctor or nurse arrives, medical assistants must: room patient triage patient document the patient's current symptoms and vital medical history and reason for seeking care other relevant concerns that will help the primary physician deliver an accurate diagnosis and proceed with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Administering medications: In some cases, medical assistants will be asked to Schedule appointments: (including but not limited to office visits, hospital inductions, C-sections and surgeries). Process telephone messages Maintain patient confidentiality Record patient charges and lab charges for billing Assist the provider with patient education pertaining to their ongoing health care Results of labs and x-ray reports Laboratory preparation Knowledge of medications and injection procedures

Performing medical procedures: The tests and exams medical assistants are asked to perform will include (but not necessarily be limited to) the following tasks: Perform blood test as directed (blood sugar, glucose, etc.) Performing tests on collected specimens and recording results in the patient's medical chart Provide assistance in colposcopy, endometrial biopsy, injection of IUD and nexplanon Perform Depo Provera injections and Rhogam injections Provide assistance in nexplanon removal and any vaginal mass removal Provide assistance on removing stitches and sutures Replacing wound dressings (such as bandages or casts) Perform CPR if the need arises

Communication Skills: Being clear, concise, and having good listening skills are integral to the medical assistant profession.

Whether they are informing a patient about his current condition, updating a physician about someone's diagnostic status, or submitting forms to an insurance company, MAs spend much of their shift communicating with other people in one way or another. Must be "uniquely qualified to 'speak the patient's language' and serve as the communication liaison between the busy physician and patients who are often afraid to ask questions."

Technical Skills: Drawing blood and obtaining samples for testing, as well as analyzing specimens Knowledge of CPT & ICD-10 coding procedures Assist in performing or replacing sutures and redressing wounds Performing "sterilization" techniques The administration of oral, parenteral, topical, and rectal medications Safe disposal of used syringes, bodily fluids/samples, and other biomedical materials

Additional Responsibilities:

Must be able to recognize and respond appropriately to urgent/emergent situations per protocols Maintain work area, exam rooms, supplies, medications and immunizations. 3. Perform basic triage per specific office protocol procedures. Maintain professional appearance and personal conduct at all times. Adhere to employer work practices. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with physicians, staff and management. Effectively cope with typical job stress. Document work processes as required. Perform other duties as assigned. 10. strong organization and interpersonal skills 11. must be able to act calmly and effectively in a busy or stressful situation. 12. ability to communicate effectively in the English language in person, by phone and in writing. 13. adherence to all policies and procedures, including but not limited to standards for safety, attendance, punctuality and personal appearance 14. ability to multi-task efficiently and effectively.

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